Emily Vieweg, Poet and Wordsmith

Emily Vieweg is a poet and writer living in Fargo, ND. She is a frequent “arts-market-er,” bringing her typewriter and fairy-light lantern from market-to-market, creating instant personalized poems for interested patrons. Many who have received an instant personalized poem from Emily have stated she “has a talent for knowing what we need to hear,” and presenting it in a way that is accessible and authentic.

Some feedback Emily has received about her work:
“I don’t usually like poetry, but I really like yours. It’s not grandiose, it’s real.”
“This poem is a photograph. It’s like a polaroid.”
“How can you know this about me? Three questions and you know what I need to hear?”
“How did you do that? Are you a wizard?”

“Emily has a keen sense of hearing what you don’t even know you’re saying in the few minutes she spends with you before spinning your life, like a golden thread, out of her fingers and onto a tiny piece of paper nestled into her old fashioned typewriter. The whole experience is all part of a magical gift she bestows, with a grand flourish, of your life distilled into a few lines of fewer words.”  

Emily’s full-length poetry collection “but the flames” is available for purchase from Finishing Line Press. Individual pieces have been published or are forthcoming in North Dakota Quarterly, Dribble Drabble Review, Black Spot Books, Art Young’s Good Morning, and more. She’s had several interviews with Prairie Public Radio, The Forum, and High Plains Reader, to name a few.

Emily is excited to discuss creating instant personalized poems at your event or gathering.
Send an email to Emily.Vieweg@gmail.com.

but the flames – full length poetry collection,  Finishing Line Press


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Emily Vieweg, in her chapbook collection Conversations with Beethoven and Bach, evokes an image of the poet who, deeply entrenched in the complexities of 21st century life as a mother, reaches across time to link with wit and grace her experiences with classical musicality. In her vignettes, so much turns on a single word such as “frolic” that evokes love and fear and changes in both society and environment.
~ Clifford Peterson, 2017 ~ Taleamor Park Residency Director ~