October 6 – Day 6

Ack! What happened?! I missed a few days because life happened, but here I am – back on track.

Start a Writing Blog: Day 3 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

I’ve had a writing blog for some time now – I started my personal blog back on MySpace (yeah, that was a while ago) and more recently have been focusing more on my professional blog and keeping this up to date.
What’s my blog address?  http://emilyvieweg.blogspot.com
What’s my personal blog address? http://emmajewel.blogspot.com/ – the title is
       Yes, I’m On My Way (respectfully borrowed from Disney’s lyrics from Brother Bear)
Done!  My current blog space is http://emilyvieweg.blogspot.com and I have a facebook environment under www.facebook.com/EmilyViewegWriter – that’s my professional page. Beyond that, I cannot purchase the rights to any other Emily Vieweg pages because the funds aren’t there. Darnit. Here’s hoping I can make that happen in the future.
Done!  I’ve been on Facebook for a LONG time, but just recently added a professional page to my Facebook environment. www.facebook.com/EmilyViewegWriter 
I have Twitter, but I am not very comfortable with it. Maybe I don’t have much to say on Twitter? My twitter handle is @EmilyJVieweg and today I’m tweeting #platchal – I don’t think it works on blog – but we’ll see.

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