2016 Art Young Memorial Award for Poetry – Honorable Mention

Today I am excited to report that my poem Shadows won Honorable Mention for the 2016 Art Young Memorial Award for Poetry from Garbanzo Literary Journal & Art Young’s Good Morning.

I am humbled, because I write what I explain as “simple” poetry. I see a moment in time and report what I feel. Perhaps this is not so simple – perhaps this is actually difficult or impossible and somehow my words paint the picture in a way which does not require sight.

Somehow the rays from the sun dancing across the iced-over snow not yet penetrated by boots still warm my face, and all I can say is, “Maybe that’s God.”

Who knows.

I am blessed to have found my talent, to find my muse in my children and memories, and to communicate these moments in a way everyone can understand.

Thank you, Garbanzo Literary Journal and Art Young’s Good Morning.

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