Hate is a Disease

Hate stems from fear, which stems from misunderstanding which stems from miscommunication which stems from not listening which stems from not being heard yourself…. which stems from fear…

I am afraid of the future in a country with Trump in the White House.
While I am afraid, I do not hate him – I despise his tactics, his views, his opinions – but I do not hate the man – I do not know the man…

Hate is a disease.

Many diseases spread through interaction with others. Hate spreads not just through speech, but also through actions.

Hate is a lack of communication.

Communication is two-way. One person speaks, the other listens, and if he does not understand, must ask questions in order to understand.

Hate is a lack of understanding.

Not just the lack of understanding, but the lack of the desire to understand. The lack of the desire to understand stems from fear… of being misunderstood, or just walked over.

All behavior is communication.

Life is full of communication, of fear, of doubt, of anger and frustration – people are angry, and anger is healthy, it means that people have voices and want to share them. The problem comes with the messages spewed because of anger – because of the frustration, and because of the pain someone has in his or her heart.

I have anger towards intolerance and injustice. I have anger towards those people who hold hatred in their hearts instead of listening and asking questions. We cannot help each other by screaming and yelling the loudest – no one can hear anyone else if everyone is screaming – understanding only comes from listening.
Unfortunately, not everyone wants to understand. I suppose I am naive, or maybe just a wishful thinker – but our future is in our own hands. I am a single mother of two children – both of whom would be considered “losers” by one of the candidates for President of the United States – simply because they were born having special needs.
My children are my world – and when someone in search for power is demeaning to my children and people like my children, I not only become angry, I become sad. I am alive because of my children. My children make me who I am, and I’ll be damned if someone tells me they are not worth the air they breathe – just because they were born different.

If people in power do not listen to the public, we will not survive as a society. The USA is a laughingstock across the world. The way we are allowing our leaders to treat us is demented. Some of us are speaking out and trying to fight – but the only way to fight hatred is with love – but hate pays better. That’s why hate wins.

This is shameful. What are we teaching our children by allowing the media to spin reports? When did reporting the truth become more difficult? Do people even care about the truth anymore? I doubt it – look at the popular TV these days – the days of the family sitcom have been replaced by scripted “reality” tv. These people are teaching our children that fake is better than real… that being someone else is better than being yourself… that being beautiful on the outside will get you anything you want – especially attention.

I fear for my children. My son is finishing his junior year in high school and I fear for his adulthood. My daughter is entering preschool and I fear for her childhood. I can only protect them for so long, soon they will be online and pursued by hateful individuals and stalked by celebrity and the idea of being popular…

My optimism is still there – I hope for a better future for my children, but right now I am just afraid – afraid that we are making futures impossible for our children. I do not want to have to teach my children to fear before trusting…  I miss the innocence of my childhood. I wish my children could live in that time. A time when guns in school were not the norm – a time when being called to Room 202 to pick up your detention slip was not a positive – a time when kids talked to each other instead of texted…  we have done this to our children… we have made it possible for our children to become plugged in…

I suppose I’ve rambled on enough.

Hate is a disease – it is contagious – it is dangerous – and it is here, all around us. Shoved down our throat with words, but more so with actions.
Fight Hate.
Embrace Care.
Embrace Concern.
Embrace Communication.

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