Write and Author: Interview, and a few headshots

I cannot believe I waited so long to share my interview at Write and Author.
A hundred apologies for the delay and a thousand thank yous to @WriteandAuthor and @MrsAndiLutz for the opportunity to share.

A few highlights from the interview:
What inspires your poetry?
 Most of my poetry is inspired by “regular” life. I find beauty in the ordinary and the mundane.
The grunts my daughter makes in frustration as the legos don’t fit together quite right. Memories of my son walking away from me the first time he entered kindergarten, wearing a button-up shirt and sweater vest “Just Like Papa.” Or the squeal of glee from my daughter as she “flies” in the air from the trampoline.
My current project on Channillo is inspired by the classical music of Beethoven and Bach, however my life inspirations frequently make an appearance in the individual pieces.

What made you decide to write poetry?

 I have always written poetry and created stories from acquired knowledge (I wrote “The Truth About Santa Claus” when I was nine). I find that writing poetry is not only familiar, it is imperative to being me. I find myself thinking poetically on occasion, usually when I am in a difficult emotional situation and need to find the words to express my feelings. “Sad” or “Emotional” just are not descriptive; instead, I compare my maternal instinct to a tigress “hrumpf”ing for her cubs to take cover.

I don’t think I ever made the decision to write poetry. I just did it.


A huge thank you to Nick Friesen, of Friesen Photography, for a fantastic photo shoot outside at Island Park in Fargo, ND.
Here are some of my favorite shots.

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