Spotlight on Writers on Spillwords

Friends, on November 25, 2017, my interview with will be published. I am thrilled to share my work and inspiration with the readers and writers at Spillwords.

Here are a couple snippets of the interview, and my “assisted selfie” headshot (my favorite picture!)

1.        Where do you hail from?

I was born and raised outside St Louis, Missouri. I lived in Kansas for three years before moving to Fargo, North Dakota ten years ago. Fargo winters are rough, but it’s worth it for the easier summers.

4.        What is your favorite word, and can you use it in a poetic sentence?

I have a few favorite words I like to use, though they sound pretentious. The word “evoke” comes to mind immediately. When an image evokes, the image becomes a part of your essence. The image and its accompanying emotion are tied together in a braid of intrigue and intent, and no matter what you do, that emotion will forever be entangled with that image. Fascinating stuff.

Thank you to my immediate and extended family for your unending support.

Bruce and JoAnne (my unbelievable parents)
Anna Z (my kick-ass sister)
CJ and Tink (my inspirational kids)

Thank you to the readers, the writers, and all of the support from my virtual literary family (individuals and presses):

Kaveh Akbar – @KavehAkbar
Jericho Brown – @JerichoBrown
Ariel Francisco – @AriCisco
Plan B Press –
Glass Poetry Press – @glass_poetry
Tupelo Press – @tupelopress
Natalie Diaz – @NatalieGDiaz
The Poetry Rag –
Mary Oliver –
Persephones Daughters –
SpeakEasy Cafe Open Mic Poetry Podcast  –


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