Christmas with “The Girls”

Something fascinating…
As much as I love Schitts Creek, I couldn’t get by without Golden Girls.
If anyone is ever in doubt of what obscure gift to find for a birthday or admin professional day or other weird holiday, get something Golden Girls.
I identify with all four ladies:

Rose: sees the world through a lens of “people are inherently good”

Blanche: sex is fun, enjoy it while you can.

Dorothy: cynic with a heart, knows who she is and isnt afraid to show it.

Sophia: lady who’s seen a lot and knows her stuff, loves her kids to the moon and back, and isnt afraid to call them out on their crap when needed.

Today, Golden Girls has been playing almost non-stop. It’s my safe place, my calm within the storm. Now that Ive had a full day of the girls, I can settle a bit and do some writing after the kids go to bed.

CJ made a fantastic Old Fashioned cocktail, Tink is doing her potholder weaving thing, and the cat is hunting a couple new catnip toys.

Holidays are not big at our house. We pretty much just do the same ole same ole… because it’s easier for the kids.

Changes to schedules are hard enough, the mania of holidays just makes it worse.

We opened presents and had a chill day. Did dishes, took out garbage, watched tv, played with our new stuff… it was, for the most part, a typical weekend, with an extra day.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not giving my kids enough for christmas and birthdays, but really… I’m doing exactly what they need.
A regular day with presents to open… nothing crazy or busy… no fancy dinners or big to-do’s… they just aren’t right for my family.

It makes me sad tho too sometimes… i loves the big celebrations with my extended family… and i wish my kids enjoyed those things too… but i also enjoyed after school activities and sleepovers and halloween parties and gift exchanges.

My kids don’t enjoy that, and that’s okay…

It’s a bummer but I’m used to it.

There is the thought that one day I’ll be able to just road trip on my owb for a few days. Drive until I feel like stopping… I’ve thought about it before, but …

Nah… back to real life now.

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